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19 results from re-interpreting the technique of sand-casting brass. Instead of eliminating the overspill (or waste) associated with the process, it is encouraged and celebrated. A round shape is pressed into the sand with a sand plug suspended above. The resulting void between the sand layers is filled with molten brass – encouraging a generous and unpredictable overspill along the open perimeter.

The high copper content in the brass oxidizes immediately upon contact with air, producing a coarse and highly textured overspill. This stands in contrast to the smooth, non-oxidized interior, which is hand-polished to a mirror finish.


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Hanging lamp rust-effect exterior and interior white lacquer. The pendant is maintained by a steel wire (length 79") and...


Hanging lamp made from white ribbons woven on a circular white steel structure. Two meters of electrical cable.

H 14"...

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