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The Bend Sofa by Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia transforms the original concept of the sofa.

The design was entitled Bend due to its curvaceous, albeit monolithic form. It gives the appearance of being manually moulded from a supple material, as if by a sculptor. In practice, it issues from a study of 3-D models and digital research. The Bend Sofa effectively conveys the idea of motion by alternating full and empty spaces. Contrasting seams add to the intrinsic design on the surface. The backrest is irregularly shaped, but without compromising comfort. Curved modules - assembled starting with the seats, ottoman and corner elements - form a sofa that breaks out of the usual visual schemes and differentiates from other contemporary pieces on account of its calculated eccentricity.

The Bend Sofa offers flexible composition solutions, including small linear versions, corner solutions or a spectacular (non necessarily domestic) version that can fill a space with double-sided seating arrangements, becoming the absolute centre of attention with its iconic presence. Bend is available in various fabric and leather options within several price categories.


Module Code Guide
B111A - Terminal Corner Element, 111cm
B111P - Middle Ottoman, 111cm
B116A - Terminal Corner Element, 116cm
B116P - Middle Ottoman, 116cm
B164C - Central Element, 164cm
B177LS - Left Chaise longue terminal element, 177.5cm
B177LD - Right Chaise longue terminal element, 177.5cm
B1P - Ottoman Terminal Corner Element, 116cm
B214C - Centra Element, 214cm
B214CS - Central Element with left back, 214cm
B214CD - Central Element with right back, 214cm
B214TS - Terminal Element with left armrest, 214cm
B214TD - Terminal Element with right armrest, 214cm
B2P - Ottoman Terminal Element, 116cm
B3P - Ottoman Terminal Corner Element, 116cm
B4P - Ottoman Terminal Corner Element, 116cm
Cushion Code Guide
B40C - Cushion, 60cm x 40cm
B55C - Cushion, 60cm x 55cm


Internal Frame : Tubular steel & steel sections
Internal Frame Filling : Bayfit flexible cold shaped polyurethane foam, polyester fibre cover
Seat & Cushions Filling : Shaped polyurethane of different density, polyester fibre.
Available in fabric (with removeable covers) or leather.

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