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For this project Philippe Nigro started with a simple parallelepiped which he then distorted by precision-cutting a 20° notch out of each face. This notch echoes the shape of a half-open book... whilst the chosen height of 36.5 cm is extremely appropriate to its function as a bookshelf. Thanks to the irregular shape of this module, one can obtain 4 different results simply by rotating it either horizontally or vertically. All that remains is to stack and/or juxtapose several such modules to obtain the desired configuration, a seemingly random construction. When stacked, chests are held in place by their own weight (13 kg) and steadied by small non-slip transparent rubber feet located between each chest. It is also possible to play with colour by mixing the 3 finishes on offer. Modules are made from satin lacquered MDF.


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Hanging lamp rust-effect exterior and interior white lacquer. The pendant is maintained by a steel wire (length 79") and...


Hanging lamp made from white ribbons woven on a circular white steel structure. Two meters of electrical cable.

H 14"...

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