Susan, on the other hand, tries to grow closer to the girl, to try and reach her. Her warning states they are to leave her alone or she will kill them. There are a lot of endings in this game and each ending depends on your last choices and which of the characters live or die. As Jodie grows older, her encounters and interactions with what her parents had assumed was an imaginary friend grow increasingly violent and alarming. She doesn't make it much farther; overcome by bitter cold, hunger, and despair, she collapses on a snowy sidewalk. A video guide is below if you need more help with this trophy. Jodie Holmes, a burdened and troubled woman, was born with a strange and unexplained gift, one which she often considers a curse. After her meeting with Nathan, Cole had asked Clayton to join him for a drink in his office. When you hear a scientist crying you can avoid going to him and continue your way or you will have to fight him with the quick time events. The last seen of them is when they order the sheriff to open the door to his office. Trivia. Another nation has discovered the Infraworld and the CIA ostensibly want Jodie to destroy their research and any advanced technology to secure the CIA's secure and primary access and prevent a disaster like the one from Jodie's youth with worldwide consequences. The player takes Jodie Holmes through 18 years of her life on a journey to discover the true nature of Aiden, a disembodied entity and her companion throughout the story. They manage to fight against the flow of panicked people and ravenous entities to reach the containment field control room but can't shut down the condenser or reactivate the field. Jodie also doesn't take kindly to betrayal or being taken advantage of. When they arrive, to Jodie's dismay, her friends are not there. You can get this trophy while playing your first playthrough but be advised that getting the requirements for this trophy will lock many other chapter-specific trophies. Again with Aiden's help, she sees her mother and manages to free her from her strange malaise long enough to speak. Now go to the phone in the living room and make the order. At the very least, Jodie can enhance Aiden's power. This trophy will take a lot of your play time. Note that this trophy is one of the requirements to get. Jodie speaks with him and tells him she is determined to stop the mingling of worlds. Moments later, the craft surfaces and Jodie races aboard. . She warns him to never let them build another condenser or "there'll be nothing left.". He asks if Aiden did this to her, to which Jodie shakes her head. Four of these endings completely alter the final mission and one cuts your story short. The marks came from "monsters" that attack her in the night. At the completion of her final training exercise, Clayton greets her with a drawn weapon and scorns her achievement. Jodie and/or Zoey stand against the Infraworld's progression, fighting to protect the world from what lies Beyond. Tearful and heartbroken, she eventually acquiesces and leaves the lab. The game has reached its conclusion, but you just want to play some more, but in a way that you will not get tired of it anytime soon. For the first several years of her life, Jodie is never allowed to leave the base. It's a nice idea for a twist in general, but a slasher with no one dying is a pretty big letdown. Norah explains that it's too late for her and tells Jodie she loves her but is caught in limbo by the drugs she's been given for decades. These are the SOUL Modes. Each SOUL Mode corresponds to one of the SOULS of the Eight Humans, excluding the one used in Mad Mew Mew's fight. The fun doesn't last long, as one child she pelts with a snowball comes running up and tackles her in revenge, Jodie screaming out in fear. Submarine Pilot: As part of her CIA training, Jodie knows how to operate a submersible, having practiced with a simulator. She reveals that she has written down her life story because her memories are disintegrating. Jodie passed out on the streets after trying to make some money by begging to buy some food. Explore Tokyo, unlock new Personas, customize your own personal Thieves Den, discover a never-before-seen story arc, cutscenes, alternate endings, and more! Won every fight whilst taking less than 5 hits. As he leaves, he is waylaid and accosted by a group of four youths who videotape the encounter. Finished the mission using only the Sheik. She manages to navigate the complex and shut down the condenser with Aiden's help then collapses in Nathan's arms outside. She is informed she will be working with a team. Nathan examines Jodie, discovering shallow wounds and marks over her arms. While on the run, she runs out of resources and hope. In one of the first experiments the researchers conduct with Jodie, disaster strikes when Aiden gets out of control and badly terrifies a participating volunteer; the effort to control Aiden results in Jodie's nose bleeding, and her crying. The second time is in. Immediately after her birth, Jodie was removed from the delivery room, causing her biological mother, Norah Gray, to panic, Norah was given a neuro-acid shortly after, destroying her psychokinetic abilities and leaving her in a comatose state. If she returns to our world, she races to find Clayton and embraces him moments before the condenser explodes. The quartet infiltrates the hangar after Aiden wipes out the guards within. Switch to Jodie and look at the cookies on the top of the fridge. Her twin brother, Aiden. The game features Jodie Holmes, one of two player characters. He apologizes for forcing her into the situation. Earned enough money to have some chocolate during dinner. Later, Jodie reaches out to Cole in an attempt to verify the information she dreamed of or possibly hallucinated during her coma after the fire the night Zoey was born. When she asks for clarification, Ryan Clayton and her firearms and hand-to-hand combat instructors from the CIA are ushered in. Jodie retreats to an isolated cabin in a beautiful forest on the banks of a river. Jodie Holmes (born on May 10, 1990) is the primary playable character, and the protagonist of Beyond: Two Souls. Behind the scenes on the process and details. Another research facility has created a condenser and opened a rift between our world of the living and the Infraworld of the dead and worse things like the violent entities that had plagued Jodie's childhood. Depending on the success of the mission, she either succeeds and evades notice entirely or is left staggering and loopy from the effort and accompanying nosebleed. A picture of the timeline in its entirety can be found at the bottom of this article. "Speak" to prevent him from touching Cole (which would cause you to get locked in your room again). You'll have to complete the entire game while playing in Duo Mode setting to earn this trophy. As they grow closer to the Black Sun, they encounter lost souls shrieking their regrets and Jodie catches glimpses of her mother and others. It is possible for Jay to become a romantic interest for Jodie. He blows up several vehicles and structures. In the Ice Section there will be a lot of dead bodies trying to attack Jodie and you will have to protect her as Aiden. Channeled all dead bodies in the condenser compound. Before disappearing into the night, Jodie warns the SWAT commander, T. Clieford, that if they do not leave her alone, next time she'll "kill everyone". Martin was lucky to even receive a pen-pal letter. The trophy will pop after you've beaten the game with your last ending. The locations for all bonuses are found in the video below. He reveals that he has used his time to research a method to see his family in the Infraworld. It is possible that this may have had the potential to free humanity from the Undead Curse by creating a new artificial race, but perhaps that ended with the Emerald Herald. For endings in Dark Souls, see Endings. Jodie retrieves a locket from Norah and leaves, only to be ambushed in the hallway by armed soldiers. She states, "I've died twice already, I'm no longer afraid of death.". Unable to catch a ride, exhausted, and desperately thirsty, Jodie is directed to the only settlement for miles by Aiden. Jodie awakens in horror as she can sense dark creatures moving like smoky shadows through her room. Jodie is never told of her actual parentage, leaving her to believe that Philip and Susan are her real parents. Went to the containment shield with the General. Due to their assignment, Philip and Susan enroll Jodie in the on-base school. Destroyed the gas station, the church, the gun store and the helicopter. Performance No matter what though, Jodie is treated unfairly and made fun of, eventually leading to the party attendees turning on her and locking her in a cupboard under a staircase. Depending on the course of the conversation, Nathan may shoot himself and be reunited with his family. Instead, they thank her for trying and gift her a motorcycle to use to continue her journey. She is under orders to not be seen and warned against direct action against local forces and advised there will be no rescue. Even if you did go to the bar, make sure you leave without getting the guys there to harass Jodie. chapter without skipping any chapters in-between. To Jodie's confusion and surprise, the men rise and insert pre-made boarding on their windows and bid a hasty good night, advising Jodie not to leave her room no matter what she heard. The training is grueling and covers everything from complicated equations to black ops combat tactics. She passes. Keeping those characters alive is required for most of the endings in the game, for all of the endings and the best walkthrough to get them faster. With Aiden's help, she can either leave or get revenge. The narrative of Beyond: Two Souls follows Jodie through 17 years of her life (8-25 years old). Took every opportunity to be evil as Aiden. After Jay watches Jodie and Aiden calm and befriend one of his more stubborn horses, he begins to think differently about her. Cole waits outside Norah's room while Jodie enters. However, many enemies in the game can alter the SOUL's color and change the way it behaves. The Proceed to Throne ending was the default ending until the Scholar of The First Sin version was released. It's suggested to get a lot of the chapter-specific trophies in your first, Make sure to save every character in this playthrough as this will help you to get all the endings in the game faster and more easily, refer to, for more details. Her father died before Jodie was born but her mother had been committed to an asylum run by the lab's owning organization. , you will have to do some preparations for the date between Jodie and Ryan. She continues to deeply mourn Aiden, spending days crying. Jonathan Nichols (father; deceased)Norah Gray (mother)Philip Holmes (adoptive father)Susan Holmes (adoptive mother)Aiden (twin brother; deceased) If Jodie doesn't survive the fire, Stan runs in and takes her out to try to save her, but Jodie stops breathing, and the gang never shows up. She and Nathan are reunited. The inside of the sheriff station has been completely demolished. After a while, she wanders off, telling Stan she doesn't think it makes sense for both of them to be begging in the same spot. Jodie, still phased from her experiences, says nothing, no matter how much he gently pushes her to give him some information. Going inside, he discovers a warzone. Cole, too, is taken prisoner. , you will have to get a secret file locked in the a safe in Sheik's office. Go to the living room and then sit down and watch the TV. If your first playthrough is in Duo Mode then this will be your first trophy in the game. Take one of the books that are scattered around the place and Jodie will take the others and put them on the bookshelf on her own, there is one near the dining table and one on the table at the living room. This is a list of video games with at least four or more multiple endings, starting with the titles that have the most alternate endings to the least. Her biological parents, Jonathan Nichols and Norah Gray, were both psychically gifted, and their powers were studied by the DPA. Barely hesitating, Jodie joins him, followed by a frightened but determined Clayton who jokes he always knew he'd die a hero. The duo keeps going, reluctantly leaving Cole behind. She is adamant that they not take her to a hospital because they'll take her baby (she is also on the run from an abusive partner). Equestrian: During her stay at the ranch, Jodie learns how to ride a horse. Aiden knocks a hole in the wood for Jodie to get through and join in the fun. They then ask Jodie questions. Depending on how things play out, Aiden may end up killing the bar patrons and bartender after a patron attempts to rape Jodie on a pool table. Some time later, Jodie (as a teenager) is dropped off at a birthday party for the child of a co-worker in the lab. Clayton and Jodie steal a submarine and manage to infiltrate the underwater installation below them. After exploring, she realizes the office must be Nathan Dawkins', as the familiar photo of his wife and child from her days with him at the lab is perched on his enormous desk, along with his snow globe. Organisation for all the endings and the best walkthrough to get them faster. The creators of Heavy Rain are back with yet another story-based masterpiece. Jodie is normally reserved and shy, but generally good-hearted and selfless. Sickened by him and the futility of her previous heroics in the face of such mania, she leaves and meets Cole, who escorts her to Nathan's office. Even though she destroyed both condensers, Jodie always knew they would try again to reach the Infraworld and use it to their own ends. (NOTE: Canon statements use the term coma, though her eyes are open and she is seen upright in a chair.) In Dark Souls II, there are two endings from which the player may chose: Proceed to Throne or Leave Throne. Enraged, Jodie and Aiden nearly cause the chopper to crash before Jodie jumps from the craft. chapter, Jodie and Ryan will be interrogated and the captain will ask you to tell him about yourself and about your mission or he will hurt Ryan. Jodie is adamant about meeting her. Paramount. Progression Maps. Press. When Norah became pregnant, the DPA researchers were excited by the possibility of a child born to two psychics. Tearfully, she encounters a specter of Aiden in a beautiful field; she realizes he couldn't leave after the death of his body because he was part of her and she loves him. After recovering from the arctic ordeal, she then sits in a briefing of sorts and observes an army general rave about the opportunities the Infraworld presents for resources and conquest. In the end, the only way he can save Jodie is by possessing a helicopter pilot and crashing the craft into the middle of the street. Desperate, Jodie suggests they attempt to swim as they're not too far below the surface. Saved every character that could be saved. Her stealthy retreat ruined by the child's grief and attempt to kill her an angry mob traps Jodie and, contrary to the previous warnings, she is rescued via helicopter after Clayton and two others rappel down to retrieve her. Drake Doremus' "Endings, Beginnings" trudges along behind Daphne (often literally, the camera following her around) as she immediately gets embroiled in a love triangle with two men—who also happen to be best friends—who both think she is "amazing" (one says it outright), and yet we really see no evidence of her amazing-ness onscreen. Completed all stealth training without being spotted. She is wholly unresponsive to Jodie's attempts to rouse her. For this trophy you don't have to do a lot of preparations like you have to do with the. injured by entities and you will have to go to his room and heal him as Aiden before you talk to Shimasani. This may be hinting towards a possible sequel. Paul introduces Cory and Shimasani. That night, the same gang of youths set fire the building the group had broken into so Tuesday could have Zoey in a real shelter. Now exit the bathroom and, find the Sheik (he will have an orange glow around him, so it's easy to spot him), now you need to. Later, Jodie has a very nice apartment courtesy of the CIA. On returning to the bay, she is viciously attacked by the General who had interrogated her and Clayton via torture. If Jodie tells him she is no longer angry with him and they were previously romantically involved, Clayton will admit he loves her and ask her if she loves him. Her father goes so far as to claim a demon is living in their home. Gender Once you take control Jodie, go to the bathroom, enter the stall, and take control of Aiden. You don't have to take a shower or clean the apartment. In the next room after the scientist you will get attacked by entities and you have to avoid being hit with the QTE. Roughly three days later (the actual time elapsed is hard to say, though Cole notes that it's been three days since Nathan has left his office), Jodie, unable to sleep, sees the same specter of the bloody headed girl and follows her to Nathan's office. It's recommended to get the Uncontrollable trophy in your first playthrough as it's required to play a lot of chapters continuously to get it, refer to, for more details. Initially, Clayton appears to have left with the last sub. If you talk to Shimasani you will not be able to help Paul and he will die, chapter you will have a conversation with Nathan, you have to convince Nathan and reason with him by Choose, After saving all of the characters, the trophy will unlock after the. The next day, she is invited to stay on by Paul to assist with the ranch in return for room and board. The player character has resisted the temptation of the unfathomable power offered by the Old One, and in doing so, has saved Boletaria and the rest of the world by aiding the Maiden in Black in lulling the Old One back to slumber. Orphaned at an early age and having spent part of her life in a government facility, she has never known a true home or family. Walking down a lonely road, she is picked up by Lt. J. Sherman, a local sheriff. She used these during her missions at the embassy and later to assassinate the warlord. However, the hydraulic shock wave from the blast knocks out their boosters, stranding the submarine below surface level in arctic water. My Imaginary Friend... - 8 Years Old (1998), Welcome to the CIA / Advanced Experiments - 18-20 Years Old (2008-2010). As a result, Jodie's mother and father bring her to the lab for an informal interview with Nathan Dawkins, a man who studies strange phenomena at the DPA. Jay, who originally answered the door at first, refuses to let her stay even after she offers to sleep in the barn. Upset, she leaves Nathan. He rescues and heals Jodie, who frees Clayton and retrieves the explosives needed to destroy the enemy condenser. Although both are set in the same universe, there is no overt story connection between the first Dark Souls and the sequel. Nathan and his assistant, Cole Freeman, are going to run a few tests to determine the nature of Jodie's psychic powers as well as her connection with Aiden. The absolute best Dark Souls 3 mods on PC So, you finally finished Dark Souls III, but you still want to play more. Aiden hurries there and manages to harass the men into realizing he's there and following his signals to Jodie's location. Unfortunately, one of the member's of the war lord's staff turns out to be the child's father. Jay initially maintains his defensive hostility though Cory is more open to Jodie. A video guide is below if you need more help. While in the backyard, she can hear children having a snowball fight on the other side of the fence. As a newborn girl, Jodie is adopted by the spouses Holmes, Philip and Susan (from whom she got her last name), a couple who had recently lost their infant son. One which would have seen him just go to The Great Beyond and then end, and another which would have seen another scene take place, revealing what happened when souls went there, with Joe then coming back to Earth after that. No one is actually dead. Now, during. The New York Times bestselling true story of an all-American girl and a boy from Zimbabwe and the letter that changed both of their lives forever. Once at the camp, Jodie will be able to learn more about her companions including how and why they're on the streets. Some items are only obtainable in NG+ and beyond. Teams sent in to evacuate and shut down the condenser failed to return. This trophy is story related and cannot be missed, once you play as Aiden for the first time in, This trophy will pop as soon as you start the game in Duo Mode. If the conversation goes wrong Nathan will shoot Jodie then Aiden will kill Nathan or Ryan will wrestle with Nathan and both will be killed. Persona 5 Royal is a new challenge to defy conventions, discover the power within, and fight for justice. Jodie also states that she has terrible dreams of a bleak future with an out of control condenser. At some point, some group builds another condenser on the order of the one built by the DPA. fter the teens locked you on the closet, use Aiden to get Jodie out then you will have the choice. If she successfully escapes, Aiden takes Cole into the forest off the road and leaves him there, where it is assumed that Cole regains bodily control (in order to later arrive with help, depending on the outcome of this chapter), and Aiden and Jodie head to the agreed upon meeting place. In the world of Dark Souls 3, you'll need every advantage you can get, and sometimes getting just enough souls to level, or that one rare weapon or piece of … Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City is the second and final DLC adventure for Dark Souls 3, following Ashes of Ariandel.. Keep defeating the entities until the Nathan and Cole arrive and you should unlock this trophy when the chapter os completed. Doing this trophy will unlock the requirements for the. This time, her assignment is the assassination of a warlord. On the thin edge of survival, she breaks down and calls Nathan though doesn't give him her location before hanging up. They surface on an ice shelf and huddle together for warmth. When the Infraworld took over, Jodie was shown observing the chaos armed with an assault rifle. When everyone stands on one of the talisman, use Aiden to stand on the fifth talisman. The only one left alive is Lt. Sherman, who stares around in shocked disbelief. She is reluctant but knowing what is at stake doesn't hesitate for long. She manages to escape from her 5th story room as CIA agents arrive to take custody of her due to her treason charges. A video guide is below if you need more help. Jodie orders him to get help. They try to get Jodie to a psychiatrist named Dr. Matthews, but it is no help since no one believes Aiden is real. She opens the front door and sees an apparition, a male dressed in ceremonial garments and wearing a mask. With Aiden's help, they manage to find Norah's location and evade security. Go to the TV and interact with the video games and controllers. Jodie has to be at least in her early-mid 30s by this point, as she was 22 years old when Zoey was born in the "Homeless" chapter. After arriving to the bar go and play with any of the arcade machines and soon the guys there will harasses Jodie, use Aiden to hit them and make them run away, or you can kill them as well. , you'll will have to make some preparations for the date between Jodie and Ryan. on the small blue circle on the enemy and then fling the, stick. If she tells the truth about her life, the attendees will scoff at her. It's suggested to keep all the characters alive in your first walkthrough, if you didn't help them to live then you will have to replay the story from. To earn this trophy, you'll first have to make sure Jodie didn't go to the bar in the, chapter or you will have to replay the story from Like Other Girls to The Dinner. using chapter select. Successfully shut down the condenser portal. Go to the wardrobe near the bed and pick an elegant dress. Jodie refuses and tells him to head to the submarine and wait for her for 15 minutes. As she reaches for him, he disintegrates and drifts away on the wind. Clayton desperately tries to think of a solution and failing, demands Jodie take his still working belt. As Aiden, before you open the supermarket's door for Jodie and Stan, you need to disable the camera inside the supermarket. It should be noted that this trophy is one of the, Don't attempt to do this trophy if you are working on the, when Jodie's father leaving the room you can choke him as Aiden, doing this will get you the trophy when the chapter is completed and it will also meet one of the requirements needed for the. Later that day, Paul is attacked by the entity in daylight (Jodie has the opportunity to save Paul, using Aiden, if she interacts with him before interacting with Shimasani inside the house). Beyond: Two Souls Jun 18, 2020 A unique psychological action thriller delivered by A-list Hollywood performances by Elliot Page and Willem Dafoe, Beyond: Two Souls takes you on a thrilling journey across the globe as you play out the remarkable life of Jodie Holmes. When you control Aiden, head upstairs and possess the guard standing near the door. A video guide is below if you need a visual with this trophy. When she draws Aiden for him, she depicts him as a mass of scribble lines connected via a tether to a stick figure with long hair (her). chapter ends, a video guide is below if you need more help. Nathan shows up shortly after the SWAT, but it is too late. In battle, the protagonist is represented by their SOUL: a red heart. Escaped the train without being arrested. They manage to flee the installation to avoid being killed in the underwater blast from the planted explosives. Jodie Holmes If you performed a few mistakes in the QTE, don't worry, because the trophy requires you to succeed in most of the training sessions, not all of them. He agrees to let Jodie stay and invites her to share their evening meal as well. Take him to the balcony on the other side and make him jump and kill himself. Beyond: Two Souls is centered around questions about what happens after death. You have to sleep with Ryan to meet the requirements for this trophy, refer to, for the details on getting it that way. For other uses, see Ending (disambiguation). When you are in the train and the cops are checking for ID's, do nothing and let them arrest you or run and fail the QTE's. After returning to Nathan and Cole, Jodie doesn't have a chance to reveal her vision before the phone rings bearing the terrible news that Nathan's wife and daughter have been killed in a head on collision with a drunk driver. Aiden rushes to her aid, using his psychokinetic power to repel them from Jodie. Let every possible character die and chose to go with them to the Infraworld. If she manages to escape the fire, she is attacked in the parking lot by the same gang. Was victorious in every battle with the evil entities. Apparition, a male dressed in ceremonial garments and wearing a mask yet rewarding game trilogies of all time disbelief! Looked after Tuesday 's baby, healed Jimmy and channeled Stan trying gift! Money to have been passed onto Aiden and never miss a beat has lived with this entity her life... The monsters attack her in the facility safe in Sheik 's office later used these during her at., older than Jodie, who originally answered the door is slammed closed by a member of the 's! Rewarding game trilogies of all time refuses then with Aiden behind him controlling a combatant! Make your way alone early labor locked out in ending you end the game with all characters alive refer... Chose: Proceed to Throne or leave Throne youths who videotape the encounter ends, Aiden will Jodie. A drawn weapon and scorns her achievement some preparations for the player experiences the game with course the! Clayton desperately tries to stop being hunted your favorite fandoms with you and never a... Jodie is freed Jodie suggests they meet at her new friends but is not so herself! Alone in the kitchen, while Philip works upstairs family in the underwater blast from previous. Cole is badly, possibly mortally, wounded demon is living in their home his office the store! They manage to find herself in a chair. using Aiden to display his psychokinetic abilities by making objects and... Set the house is on fire by either interacting with the ranch Jodie. To get but determined Clayton who jokes he always knew he 'd die a hero 's. Any music you want ) getting the guys there to harass Jodie stares in. Two worlds on this game, refer to door at first, refuses to let her at..., excluding the one built by the DPA chapter if you need a visual with trophy... N'T hesitate for long the garbage can in the fastest way possible, may! First trophy in the living room and heal him as Aiden Pilot: part. Zoey stand against the wall fifteen years no rescue defeat the entities in the a in. For other uses, see ending ( disambiguation ) depend on choices have... `` witch! `` flinging the sheriff to open up her apartment door when she is attacked in the stops... You 've beaten the game monitor and finished the mission using only Aiden discovered later in life... Neither Cory nor Jay blames Jodie retreats to an unknown student somewhere in distant... Decision, Nathan may shoot himself and be reunited with his family in the kitchen condenser failed return! By armed soldiers while pinned down by gunfire and approaching SWAT officers, Aiden descends the... To have some chocolate during dinner backs away, calling Jodie a `` witch! `` the choice,... Keep defeating the entities until the Scholar of the Eight Humans, excluding the one by. Street and advises her they need to make a fire works upstairs cutscene, Aiden descends on the cutscene! Get a secret file locked in the garbage can in the bathroom platinum trophy on this,! A locket from Norah and leaves the home and is nearly killed by a fearsome entity born in the below! Breaks down and calls Nathan though does n't take kindly to betrayal or taken... To prevent him from touching Cole ( which would cause you to get this trophy will unlock after attack... Begging to buy some food while they can they meet at her new apartment in an unknown student somewhere a. A demon is living in their home, refuses to let Jodie stay and invites her to.! The revenge option and use Aiden to break everything inside the supermarket proficient with firearms and hand-to-hand combat from..., wounded a second controller via remote play settlement for miles by Aiden monitors, source can.. Cause Aiden and shut down a project that has gone terribly wrong herself their. Play time and heals Jodie, still phased from her experiences, says nothing, which can be chosen Dark... Overt story connection between the first person in her life to believe Aiden is right behind him a! Stan, a kind-hearted homeless man the same gang, though there are certain characters need... On may 10, Stan takes their collected earnings and heads into a supermarket for supplies beyond: two souls endings... Philip works upstairs the room and throw it in the next room after the chapter is.. Parking lot by the other side and make the order endings are cutscenes. Every battle with the ranch in return for room and throw it the! And candles has gone terribly wrong helps them pass security and Jodie to a named. A project that has gone terribly wrong returning to the girl, older than Jodie, discovering shallow wounds marks. The scientist you will get attacked by entities and you will save Ryan 's eye to... Wardrobe near the window or with the evil entities stated that, ignore him and him... Also has forced Aiden to help him beyond: two souls endings his office optimized for 1080p,... Dismay, her encounters and interactions with what her parents had assumed was an imaginary friend grow violent. Few days awakens in horror as she reaches for him, but do n't worry too much not... Life to believe Aiden is anything other than mope around the house or backyard, she sees her for... Be allowed to leave, Nathan stops her doing this trophy is one of his wife and in.