Harbor Laidback

Harbor Laidback is the brand new versatile and innovative armchair designed by Naoto Fukasawa for B&B Italia.

Portrayed in the evocative setting of Villa Necchi Campiglio, a historic Milanese residence, by photographer Santi Caleca, Harbor Laidback redefines the concept of relaxation, at a time when the desire for change coincides with the need to rethink the home.
“To me, the Harbor Laidback chair is a kind of sculpture, not just a chair. I usually sculpt the shape starting by drawing the outline as perfect and elegant as possible. Making a sharp seamless edge line, then curving the 3D surface from it. This is my way to make a beautiful chair like this one. The reclining function of the chair is highly comfortable and has a quality mechanism, even though it doesn’t look a mechanical chair. When you go back to the harbor, to your home, you need your time to relax, and your body can rest on a comfortable sculpture. Harbor is your place and moment when coming home and relaxing.” So, Naoto Fukasawa talks about his project.

Avaiable in leather or fabric, Harbor Laidback is raised off the ground on a swivel base and is characterized by a series of details that increase the comfort and define its aesthetics: the embracing armrests, the upholstered headrest, the zip that crosses the backrest , the complementary footrest or round ottoman with wood tray. But the big news is the addition of the unprecedented movement of the backrest and seat. In fact, thanks to a complex mechanism perfectly hidden in the frame, the armchair can swivel and tilt backwards.
In terms of form and materials, the identity of Harbor Laidback is born hybrid, adaptable to work environments as well as purely domestic spaces, which today more than ever can overlap. The calibrated proportions and the height of the top of the seat make Harbor Laidback the ideal place to use a computer or tablet, to have a video call or enjoy a movie, to concentrate on a report or to retreat with a good book.

Location – Villa Necchi | Photographer – Santi Caleca