Minotti – The Grand Tour

The film The Grand Tour sets off from Milan. A journey beyond time, between reality and the virtual world, sweeping through five evocative locations, physically distant from one another, but connected by the same fine common thread: the Minotti lifestyle.  

Magical places that offer a warm welcome to both the design of the furnishing pieces of the 2023 Collection and the grand classics of Minotti, capable of easily and harmoniously blending into residential and Hospitality settings, and dialoguing with a variety of architectures through lines, materials, colours and details. Places surrounded by nature, where the refined elegance of the indoor spaces comes into contact with the authentic elegance of the outdoors, thus bringing to life a unique combination of charm and wellness that knows no bounds. 

The Grand Tour is the journey of everyone with a passion for the world of Minotti: the tale of moments of life fulfilled both by the urban and architectural context and the interior design. The continuous pursuit of beauty that pervades the company’s vision and becomes instilled in those who experience the Minotti style of living is translated in the architectures, in the light and in the indoor and outdoor spaces, creating its own ideal world for every situation.

A world that is dreamed of, but possible. With Minotti.